Push up bars

Push-ups are an upper-body exercise that effectively build muscle strength and endurance in the chest, shoulders and triceps. Push-up bars offer one way to alter the classic style to increase intensity and help with the discomfort in the joints sometimes experienced with the exercise.

Getting an idea of how push-up bars work can help you decide if you need them to play a role in your training program.

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There are a couple of different types:

The more common and least expensive type comes as a pair of bars featuring a half-circle of piping attached to a flat base. Most like the Pro Source in the picture require assembly when you get them. You simply grab each of the bars and perform your push-up routine as normal.

Another version of the push-up bar features one long horizontal bar elevated about six or seven inches above a base. You place your hands comfortably at shoulder width along this bar and proceed with your regime as normal. The “Perfect Pushup” is another type bars featuring two rotating handles fastened to a flat base, allowing the wrists to rotate as your excersize.

What are the Benefits of the bars?

All push-up bars help you neutralize the wrist angle and relive pressure and stress on the joints, especially the wrists and elbows. You should be able to perform more push-ups over a greater range than you normally would with your palms flat on the floor.

The bars also help you increase your range of motion, allowing you to go deeper into the push-up. Adjusting the position of the bars to target different groups of muscles in the chest, triceps and shoulders . It is a misconception that they make push ups easier, You will actually get a more intense workout than you would without the bars. You will also need to work on the abdominals for better stability.

Placing them wider than your shoulders will put a greater emphasis on the fronts of the shoulders and should help to control the speed , slowing you down a little for better control and form.